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Rats in your Atlanta home can carry many health risks to your family.  Many diseases are spread through urine and feces and parasites like fleas that can transmit secondary diseases to humans. Atlanta Rat Control is needed to prevent these health hazards.  Rats, Squirrels, Mice, and other rodents living in your Atlanta home can create damge by gnawing on wood and other contruction materials.  Atlanta Rodent Control is required to stop the infestation to protect your family and home against unwanted damage.  Our skilled wildlife technicians will conduct a thourough investigation of your home and identifiy the intruders.  Protecting your family is important, that is why our trained staff is knowledgeable and ready to solve your problem today. 



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 Below is a list of common rodent pests that become a nuisance in the Atlanta area that we remove on a daily basis. 


Please click on the title to learn more about each species.


Rat Removal- The Roof Rat(Rattus Rattus)  and Norway Rat(Rattus Norvegicus)

are the most encountered rodent rodent species by A.W.S. professionals.  Roof Rats are arboreal, meaning they live in the trees like Gray Squirrels.  Whereas, the Norway Rat lives subterranean, or underground.  Both produce many offspring and cause millions of damage each year in the U.S.


Both species are commensal rodents, which in Latin means "sharing of food". Rats live off of man and are not beneficial; they spread diseases, contaminate over 1/5th of the worlds food crops each year, damage structures by chewing electrical wires, damaging insulation, flooding out areas by chewing on plastic pipes, and by leaving large amounts of feces and urine.


Mouse Exterminating- The most common mice that enter into your home or building is the House Mouse (Mus Musculus) and White Footed Mouse (Peromyscus leucopus).  Both mice leave vast amounts of urine and feces and are prolific breeders.  You may hear these two species in the middle of the night moving about your home.
House Mouse (Mus Musculus) and White Footed Mouse (Peromscus leucopus), general biology, elimination methods for mice, rodent control, and rodent proofing.


Squirrel Removal & Control- (Sciurus Carolinensis)  The Gray squirrel is the most common rodent found in Georgia backyards. It is notorius for raiding bird feeders.  You may hear these creatures running on top of your roof or in the gutters.  The Gray squirrel will have two litters of young twice a year, average size litter is 3-4, They damage electrical wiring, wood, and ruin attic insulation through the spreading of feces and urine.  We can remove squirrels safely by trapping them in conjunction with sealing your home to prevent reoccuring infestations.  We are professionals at squirrel trapping and removal.  The Gray Squirrel is diurnal, meaning active during the daytime hours.


Southern Flying Squirrel Trapping-  (Glaucomys volans)  The Southern Flying Squirrel is a unique creature that is nocturnal.  It is common in Atlanta area homes.  Flying Squirrels do not actually fly, instead they utilize appendages or or folds of skins that allow them to glide from tree tops.  Flying Squirrels may be heard in attic spaces scurrying about, or dropping acorns down wall voids or ceiling trays.  Damage is caused by urine, feces, and chewing of wires.  If you see small tunnels in attic space this is a good indication that you have Flying Squirrels or Roof Rats.  Flying squirrels can enter through small gaps along your roof line that are larger than 1/2" in diameter.  They make a lot of noise in your attic and enjoy spending time in tray ceilings of your home.


Beaver Removal- Largest rodent species in North America is the Beaver (Castor Canadensis).  This rodent species causes damage from flooding areas by clogging culverts, building dams to increase water levels, and girdling trees.  The Beaver is nocturnal and may be seen swimming in the evening hours in streams and ponds.

Most calls regarding beavers are from homeowner's associations that are having problems with beavers destroying ornamental trees.  On occasion we also receive calls from the City for beaver removal. Whatever problem you have, our trained technicians can solve it in a timely manner.

We trap and remove beavers from lakes, streams, and ponds. 

Prices vary with each job, please call us to discuss your beaver problem today.




Atlanta Wildlife Solutions, LLC, does not use chemicals or poisons to remove rodents from your home or building.  We only use snap trap removal for rats and mice or excluder traps for squirrel removal

These methods are safe, unlike rat poison which could lead to accidental poisoning of pets or children and the possibility of causing an overpowering stench from rodents dying in wall voids or other inaccessible areas after ingesting poison.

Rodents that consume bait blocks or packaged bait will bleed out internally from ingesting the bait, which is an anti-coagulant usually within 2 or 3 days after consuming it.  It is likely that these rodents will die is within your wall, despite old wives tales that speak of the rats or mice seeking water outside after becoming thirsty.

If an animal dies in your wall and creates an awful odor, Rodent Removal Atlanta, LLC, can handle the dead animal extraction in a timely manner.   

A.W.S., conducts hundreds of dead animal removal services each year from customers who thought that they could just throw some poison into their attic or crawlspace and solve their rodent problem for good.  Please do not use poison!  Please visit our dead rodent removal page for further information on this specialized service. 

 We also offer organic odor control in combination with rodent feces removal and rodent urine odor elimination.  If you are in need of attic insulation removal, basement clean outs, or deodorizing, due to a severe rat infestation A.W.S., can properly disinfect any area, using hospital grade disinfectants and deodorizers.

Rodent Removal Atlanta, LLC, specializes in non-chemical, non-toxic methods for rodent removal, rodent trapping, rodent control, and rodent exclusion in the greater Atlanta, GA. 






 Solving your Problem by Rodent Trapping and Control in Atlanta, GA


Solving your rodent infestation requires careful analysis before implementing a solution to the problem.  By properly identifying the rodent in question through its known biology and behavior, we can provide a sound plan for  rodent removal and exclusion. We use a fool proof system for rodent removal and sealing your structure. 

 Each home or building is unique, and prices vary with each one.  Contact us for more information regarding our rodent exclusion service.

 We look forward in resolving your problem today. For all rodent control issues, please call us at  770-363-5350


         Before you hire a Rodent RemovalCompany in Atlanta, GA


There are many companies out there to choose from, ensure that you hire a company that is licensed by the Dept. of Natural Resources and is fully insured. We are not a Pest Control company offering wildlife exclusion or removal services as an add-on service.  We are a Wildlife Control company that specializes in all phases of rodent removal and rodent exclusion. 

Rodent exclusion or rodent proofing is best left to a professional, as it is a detailed process and requires a keen eye and attention to detail.  We take our time on each job and make sure it is done right the first time around and provide quality of service at an affordable price.


Most reputable companies will provide you with any information that you request in regard to licensing and insurance information.



Is your rodent pest control problem not listed?  The above listed animals are the most encountered nuisance rodents in the greater Atlanta area. If you think you may have a rodent species that is not listed, need a rodent exterminator or rodent trapper, please feel free to give Rodent Removal Atlanta, LLC. a call anytime.





 Non-Toxic, Rat, Squirrel, and Mouse Removal Service for the Atlanta Metro area. Rodents removed in safe manner by snap traps or rodent exclusion devices. Why deal with poison and put your family at risk or pets.  Rats and Mice will die in inacessible areas leaving an awful stench for weeks.  Call us for professional Non-Toxic Rodent Removal for the Atlanta, GA area.

Poison free rat control and rodent exterminating service in the Atlanta area. Rodent Removal Atlanta,LLC, a rat exterminating company based in Atlanta, GA













































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